My visit to Machiwal village

Once i visited  Machiwal village to meet my father,s friend ,with my family. ..He had forced us to meet him at his village. .Then finally  we decided to go to Machiwal. …I was really excited to go there because  i had never been there…We packed our bags and went to the bus station early in the morning. ..We had no idea which  bus would  go there…Then after a lot of struggle we finally found the bus and hoped that we would  reach there..I sat at the window side….I looked outside from the window….It was facinating to see people  of all kinds  and views  of different  types. ..I had many questions in my mind….Like how would  the village  be? What adventures would i have? How would  their family  be?etc                                                              I had no idea how long  the journey  was going to be…It almost  took us 5 to 6 hours..We reached there at 5.o clock in the evening. ….The bus stopped  on the road and my uncle was waiting  to receive us….We sat in the car and headed  towards there village…When we reached their house everyone  welcomed us nicely…After serving  us the drinks,  they served us meal with lassi…Well i am not a big fan of lassi but the fresh lassi tasted amazing. …After having the meal,his youngest sister told my sister and me to come with her so that we could  have a look around  their house….Then she took us to show their village….I was really  surprised  to see the village  because it was clean and beautiful….                                                  

                For the first time in my life i saw cotton field…People were plucking cotton from the plants….There were also corn and sugar cane fields and trees loaded with guavas…We also saw their poultry farm..They had too many chickens there…                                                    The sun began to set…Everything absorbed the orange blast of light and the whole village seemed to be getting ready for a beautiful night…We returned home before dark..Then she took me to her room and showed her books to me…She was a college student and was very intelligent. …She gave me many tips for studying….Then we came downstairs. …All the boys in their house planned to go out for a cricket match…While we girls stayed at home and ate boiled corn with lemon  juice on them….I was really tired because i had no rest since  morning….The night at the village was beautiful and the fresh cold wind was just amazing..                                                                    We woke up early in the morning next day…I could hear the birds singing….After having breakfast,we went for a walk…The fresh sweet milk was very tasty and i liked it too…After returning from the walk we left for Chechawatni…..My experience at machiwal was amazing  …I won’t forget that tireding yet amazing tour….


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